PHOTO zine
self-published zine
limited edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered
inkjet printed
manually bound
cost - 20 euros + postage (цена в рублях - 1000 р)

Review of Photo zine by Hermann Lohss

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Taking snapshots is a way to turn everyday into a celebration. When you are free you come to yourself, depart from everyday rituals, stray from the usual tempo and enter the state of idleness, rest, and sometimes inspiration, because free time and inspiration are inseparable. You're trying to fixate all around you to be able to look at it later, but not because you like to fixate or look at things, but because you like to remember the state in which you were at the time of taking the snapshot - free and inspired.

Almost everyone loves to look through their family albums and photos, live and on the Internet, because most photographs happened at a time of idleness. "I love taking photos on vacation, in the journey" = "I love myself on vacation, traveling." You fixate almost everything that you see - food, a cup of coffee, yourself in the mirror, yourself on any kind of a background. It is important to conserve everything as it was - it's a kind of canned goods. Winter will be long.

Photographing is a way to create a holiday. Even if you are in a bad mood, you shoot and preserve to create the appearance of a holiday, even if it is deferred until later.

The zine is dedicated to the fading culture of a family photographic album.

Sample spreads: