EVErgreen - photobook, 2021-2023
The modern world is totally separated from nature. Science replaced myths. At the same time, the very origin of man is connected with myth.

In EVErgreen I focused on a frog/toad’s traditional image from Slavic myths. This symbol is very much connected with womanness - via giving birth, witchery, wisdom, knowledge, superpowers and ties with other worlds. In the image of a frog, the myth heroine shows supernatural abilities of cosmic nature - creates ideal non-existent objects (the motif of non-man-made), transforms darkness into light through fire and lightning (connection with the elements), creates from chaos (leftovers mixed in the heroine's sleeves). The transition to a new quality (from immobility to movement) is realized in the motif of the dance, which shows a connection with traditional ideas about the producing power of dance and ritual magical actions aimed at reproduction.

Another layer is the image of Eve escaping paradise and its patriarchal hierarchy. Together these two female myths coming from ancient times, when global system of values ​​was formed, manifest new qualities of a contemporary woman, which must be heard and protected by laws.

The book is available via email request.