LITTLE FUNNY STORY, issues #1,2,3,4,5
self-published series of zines
photography - Vlada Krasilnikova
design - Lena Kholkina
limited edition of 50 copies each issue
signed and numbered
inkjet printed, manually bound

1 issue - 20 euros + delivery
All 5 issues - 100 euros (you also get a colorful box for keeping them safely - see images below)
цена в рублях за зин - 1000р, 5 зинов с коробкой - 5000р

To order/inquire/comment please email at

New series of zines by Vlada Krasilnikova tell funny stories about men, women, boots, horses, trees, houses, fences, good & bad weather in and around Moscow (and other nice cities). Each issue focuses on one topic, providing an ironic, touching and colorful study of concepts relevant to modern city-dwellers -
Melancholy (#1), Dreams (#2), Amnesia (#3), Privacy (#4), Delusion (#5).

Review of the series by Gabriela Cendoya.

Sample spreads: