Don't trust your eyes - 2014, video, 6 min, no sound.

A dance is an attempt to convey through movement, body plasticity and rhythm a feeling, an emotion, personal experience or to tell a story. A dance on its own may produce in any viewer all different sorts of associations and images. A visual range accompanying the dance changes perception, usurps the situation, provokes programmed reactions, encodes consciousness, thus depriving the viewer of the possibility of personal creative insight. The large number of images surrounding us every day constantly influences our perception and our opinions. But to see - is not to learn. Without a careful personal research or a focus on the difference between "seeing" and "looking" a man in the contemporary world finds himself locked inside a trap of the visual. The video calls on the viewers to treat the overflowing visual environment with much more care in order not to let it substitute one's personal experience.

Don't trust your eyes from elena kholkina on Vimeo.

Exbition view in Sokol CCA gallery, Moscow (2014):